The Big Friendly Read
29th June 2016
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The School Summer Holiday (all six glorious weeks of it!) looms large in the minds of parents at the moment.

6 weeks of keeping our little angels (ahem!) occupied and stimulated can be a daunting prospect. Yes, ok there are sports clubs and activities available, but they’re not for everyone. Some children like less physical pass times every now and again.

That's where the Summer Reading Challenge comes in..

The Big Friendly Read is a nationwide campaign that will be taking place across all Cumbrian libraries from July 9th – September 10th. It’s fun, it opens up doors to new worlds, characters, adventures and possibilities – and it’s completely free too!

Its aim is for children to read 6 library books (of their choice) over the Summer, in order to complete the challenge. They can save collector cards and incentives as they go along, to help them stay on track. Once the challenge has been completed, they receive a Big Friendly Read certificate and wristband.

During the long break, children's reading can dip, this challenge is a fun way for them to keep up with their reading, firing their imaginations and allowing them the experience of reading for pleasure.

Last year 800,000 kids took part across the UK, and this year they hope to reach out to many more to make this Summer reading challenge even more popular.

This year’s event celebrates 100 years since the birth of Roald Dahl, with some of his best loved characters featuring in the 72 book list for the challenge.

So this summer, help your children to experience and discover the joy of reading for pleasure – it’s something they’ll treasure forever!

Everything changes when we read!

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