The best of both worlds!
2nd February 2016
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There’s always been a trade off when looking at further education and the courses that Colleges offer. Do you opt for a vocational qualification, an apprenticeship, or opt for academic qualifications in the form of A levels?

It’s a difficult decision, both have their merits.

But plans for a proposed merger between Barrow’s Colleges means that in the future, you may be able to have the best of both worlds!

Andrew Wren – Principal of Furness College, and David Batten – Principal of Barrow Sixth Form College are looking to offer a more ‘flexible’ solution to the young people, adults and employers in the area.

If the Colleges are successful in the merger it would become the Cumbria’s biggest College Institution. Under the plans, both Colleges (who are located 2 miles apart) would still be based at their current locations, keep their names and identities, but would have a far more attractive range of courses that would appeal to students and employers alike.

The aim is to produce a next generation workforce that is not only well skilled but highly educated. Trained and qualified to meet the demands of local industry and boosting the long term future of our area.

Both Colleges have seen a massive increase in applications this year, but many students can be confused and unsure which path to take when they leave school. This new venture (if given the green light) would offer a wonderful solution that benefits everyone.

A consultation period with the general public to gain feedback, will take place next month.

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