The 5 biggest mistakes businesses make with Social Media.
25th July 2012
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We read this interesting contribution from BNI on an article the Sun newspaper this week highlighting the pitfalls of marketing your business through Social Media.

In summary :-

There are many businesses which have the various social media profiles and accounts, yet no content, others that bombard with constant stream of promotional messages, and a large proportion that don’t engage at all with their followers. These three elements are factors why SMEs are failing in their social media usage.

However, BNI (Business Network International ) conducted a recent survey of SME’s and despite the feedback on what NOT to do - over 80 % of SMEs expect to gain new business using social media in the future, with three in five claiming to have already secured new business as a result of social media.

The five biggest mistakes made by small businesses trying to use social media are:

1. Spamming followers with the same “sales” messages they put out through email.

2. Sending out a stream of info with no personality or interaction.

3. Failing to write a decent Linked In profile — one of the biggest ‘people’ search engines in the UK.

4. Losing interest if there isn’t an immediate sales opportunity.

5. Marketing to customers who simply want to chat.

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