Ten Top Tips on how to write "The Best" Blogs!
31st October 2010
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Blogs have revolutionised how content is delivered on the internet. Today, most visitors trust blogs more than they trust corporate websites, and Google loves blogs.

Just follow these tips and drive more meaningful traffic to your website and your visitors will love each and every part of your content.

  1. HEADLINES rule. It's the first thing the visitors see and it's also the element that entices the visitors to read through your article. This part should be clear and inviting. Lists like top 10, 5 simple steps, and 3 great ways are awesome types of headlines.
  2. Write as you TALK. The beauty of blogging is that it's expected to be informal and personal. So shy away from technical and formal writing, simply write as you talk. It's easier to do and more enticing for the readers.
  3. Create some SPACE. It's harder to read on screen. So break your paragraphs often and avoid long chunks of texts.
  4. Keywords are KING.  Every blog post should concentrate on a particular keyword. It helps you remain on topic while also getting love from the search engines.
  5. Keep it PERSONAL. Like write as you talk, put your own personality into each post.
  6. Mind your AUDIENCE. Every writer should have their audience in mind as they write. Have your target market in mind as you write.
  7. VALUE added.  Always post something valuable. Don't post something that your audience won't be interested in.
  8. Good is GOOD ENOUGH!  Yes, you read that right. A little grammatical error is part of the informality, so don't be a perfectionist. Spelling errors are unforgivable though. Spell check.
  9. LESS IS MORE. If your post is too long, no one reads it. If you have many things to say, chop it up into multiple posts.
  10. LINK UP. Link exchange with other bloggers in your industry.

Hope this all helps, and as they say “practice makes perfect”.


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