Summer is the networking season - wherever you may be
21st August 2010
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Summer is networking season

Yes, many people are on holidays, but not everyone. Marketing is something that needs to happen everyday when you are in business. So how do you get the most of your networking in the season of sun (for some) and sea?

Social media sites play a big role in today's marketing mix. They are a great way to connect - can be done from anywhere, anytime. So don't abandon them just because it's summer time.

Go back to Mashable's 2010 kick-off article '7 Lessons for Better Networking' to re-focus and refresh your networking activities.

BeĀ  original. Twitchhiker just travelled around the world on his Twitter connections - getting support from so many people in so many ways.
Boredom and a desire to travel inspired him to use Twitter and tweeters backed him up. Watch for his book about his global travel experience. This story has it all: social networking, global angle and nice people. As 'Twitchhiker'
himself says - it's newsworthy because it's the news news agencies don't cover traditionally.

But, nothing replaces face-to-face networking. As more people become self-employed, social co-working, or 'Jelly' meet-ups, are taking networking to the next level. Entrepreneurs plan a Jelly, meeting up for a day of work related activities at one location. It puts 'soul mates' into being a sole proprietor. It gives home workers an office for a day. The support of like-minded entrepreneurs can be so valuable. If there isn't one in your area, why not start one?

Look for business groups in your area - and think outside the box. With online support for virtual and visual (web cam) network, it's worth checking out who's networking online in your area. Yesterday I participated in e_nation's live 'Water Cooler Moment' web chat with other entrepreneurs. It was fun and a great way to take a break and meet new people.

But, don't forget the 'social' aspect. Be a community correspondent for your local newspaper. Join a class or volunteer. No matter what tool you use, it's still people telling other people about you that opens doors. Let me know if you have an interesting social networking example.

from Kate Harrison Whiteside
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