So what's a Virtual PA?
5th April 2016
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A Virtual Personal Assistant is a freelance member of your team that works from their own office or home for your business for a set number of hours per week or month, or on an adhoc basis.

Your business will need a range of skills to help you grow - business admin, telephone answering, diary management, book keeping and payroll, research, data entry….so what if you could access all these skills remotely?

The beauty of working with us is that we have a small but incredibly talented team of Virtual PAs who are assigned tasks depending on the skills you require, or you can even have your own designated VPA with whom you can build that working relationship.

When asked what a VA can do, I always say “everything an employee can do except make you a brew” – and that’s so true. With technology today we can work from anywhere, access and share files and divert and answer calls.

So what can one of our Virtual PAs do for you?

  1. Create reports
  2. Detox your inbox
  3. Import databases
  4. Create reports
  5. Create spreadsheets
  6. Prepare presentations
  7. Prepare minutes
  8. Transcribe audios
  9. Manage your diary
  10. Check your voicemail
  11. Invoice and email your clients
  12. Data entry
  13. Basic bookkeeping
  14. Payroll
  15. Prepare presentations
  16. Schedule social media content
  17. Format newsletters, blogs and eBooks
  18. Proof read
  19. Research
  20. Customer services
  21. Event management

Think about all the tasks you do on a regular basis that take robs you of the time you should be spending building your business, and what about the tasks you simply can’t find the time to do?

Maybe it's time to take your business to the next level and hire a VPA

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