Read Regional 2016
13th April 2016
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It’s always been one of my lifelong ambitions to write a book. To see my name in print on a bookshelf of a library, and in a bookshop is something I’ve always dreamed about. Now, before you think ‘he needs to get out more’, let me explain. I love to write; I admire the creativity, the skill, and the patience that comes with writing, and I salute anyone who’s managed to get their work published.

How writers start the process of writing; where they draw their inspiration from, and how they manage to keep a story going that’s exciting and enjoyable is something that fascinates me. If only you could hear from a writer who’s been there and done that.

Well this Saturday at Barrow Library, you can, thanks to the Read Regional Campaign.

From March to June 2016, the annual Read Regional campaign will be celebrating ten exciting new books from the North of England. At libraries and literary festivals across the North, the authors will take part in intimate book group sized events where you can hear about their writing and talk to them about their work.

Author Carys Davies (Carys is the winner of the 2015 Frank O’Connor International Short Story Award) will be holding a writing workshop at Barrow Library from 2-3pm. This gives all budding writers a great opportunity to engage with a real author. There will also be a chance to hear Carys read from her collection, The Redemption Of Galen Pike.

So, if like me, you’ve ever wanted to write your own novel, or short stories, then this is an event not to be missed!

For more details about the workshop, and to book your place –please give Barrow Library a call on 01229 407369 or pop in and have a chat!

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