Post-test Training from Top Gear School of Motoring, Ulverston
26th September 2011
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It’s often said that you only really start to learn to drive once you have passed your test and are free to drive on you own. However, Top Gear School of Motoring, Ulverston has additional services available to help new drivers and experienced drivers keep safe on the roads in Barrow and Furness and beyond:-

1) Pass Plus: A 6-hour course of further training after your test. night driving, motorways, busy city centres and more. Subsidised by the Council. Pass Plus Road Awareness Training info can be found here

There is a £100 subsidy from council open to all clients between 17 and 20.

Motorway Module: Getting onto the big fast roads, dual carriageways and motorways. Gain experience safely. 4-6 hours.

Refresher Lesson: A 2 hour session working on anything you are not confident about. If you haven't driven for a while we will make sure that you have not forgotten anything vital!

Gift Vouchers: they make great presents!

Ring Bev for details! 01229 584497

2) Experienced Driver Training

Advanced Driving: Going beyond ʻaverageʼ. Advanced techniques for safety, reading the road, positioning, progress, and defensive driving. Half and one-day modules.

Take the TopGear Driving Challenge: Just how good are your skills? Developed any bad habits? Could you pass your test again? Take our fun challenge to assess your current driving. A detailed report on your skills, plus helpful tips and advice for improving your driving. Ideal for parents with youngsters learning to drive - can you walk the talk? Can involve friendly competition. A fun challenge. 1.5 hours
Winter Driving: How to cope safely next time it snows! Vehicle preparation and handling skills. 2 hours.
Sip don’t Slurp: how to maximise economy in these times of high fuel cost. Techniques to save you money. 2 hours.

Parking Made Easy: Do you or someone you know drive around for ages looking for an easy spot? Are you afraid of parking in bays or parallel to the kerb? Expert help and training to become confident at parking. 2 hours.

Gift Vouchers: they make great presents!

For more information please visit the Top Gear School of Motoring feature here

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