New kerbside collections planned.
1st June 2016
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It's amazing just how many plastic trays, bottles and tubs we can accumulate over a short space of time.  It can really mount up, resulting in constant trips to your local recycling points.

The introduction of blue bags for unwanted plastic  is something that Ulverston residents have benefited from recently, and now more residents will be able to be more green too.

As from Wednesday June 8th, residents in Aldingham, Bardsea, Baycliff, Goadsbarrow, Newbiggin and Roosebeck will be given new re-usable blue recycling bags

Residents in Dendron, Gleaston, Leece and Scales will receive theirs on the 9th June.

There will be a small number of properties in Bardsea and Baycliff and on the coast road who's collection date will be changed, as a different vehicle will be sent out due to access issues.

You can use the new blue bags immediately for plastic and cans and they will be emptied on the same day as your blue boxes and green waste collections. Cardboard and paper still goes into one blue box, whilst the other should only contain glass.

It’s pretty straight forward, but there will be an information leaflet delivered (describing what goes where) at the same time as the blue bags.

This latest delivery of blue bags means that nearly 50% of the district will be receiving plastic and cardboard recycling collections. It's hoped that by March next year the whole district will be covered.

If you want to find out more information, the council’s website has useful guides and videos about which container to use for which recycling materials and what happens to your plastic after collection at 


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