New Recycling Plans For Barrow
24th February 2017
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We all know that recycling is good for the environment, and Barrow Council is always looking at ways to provide residents with the most efficient and clean way of doing things. So they are refreshing the methods they use to recycle in the Borough which they believe is the easiest and most convenient system in Cumbria.

New jumbo 240 litre purple wheelie bins will be delivered to most properties in the Borough. There will be some exceptions, notably flats and HMO’s (houses of multiple occupancy)

This new bin and your current box will be all you will need to enable you to recycle in your home.

Recycling couldn’t be easier.

Glass only will be put into the box. Plastic, card, paper and cans all go in the new purple bin, as well as Tetra Pak cartons and aluminium foil.

So from April 1st 2017 the council will:

Collect your 120 litre black waste bin every week

Collect your new 240 litre purple recycling bin for dry, mixed recyclables and your recycling box for glass every fortnight.

Collect your brown garden waste bin fortnightly – but:

As in common with many other parts of the country, they will introduce a charge of £35 a year from 1st April for the collection of green and garden waste.

Once you have been registered you will be sent a sticker for your bin to show you are a member of the scheme, from 1st April, only stickered bins will be collected.

So there’s really no excuse to not recycle now, it couldn’t be easier!

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