National Butchers’ Week
8th March 2021
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National Butchers’ week runs from 8th – 14th March and gives you the perfect opportunity to engage with your local butcher.

It’s no secret that here a thebestof we champion fantastic local businesses and this week is the perfect chance to do just that by supporting a staple of the local high street - The Great British Butcher!

Butcher’s are a vital part of the community and National Bitchers’ Week gives us a chance to re-engage with them and rediscover exactly what makes our local butcher so important.

The Meat Hall in Barrow Market has been a constant feature in the town for generations, and during lockdown has remained open to help support the local community and make sure they receive top quality meat and first class customer service. They’ve been innovative, provide superb quality products and recipe ideas and managed to put a smile on people’s faces even throughout these tough times.

With that in mind and to promote National Butchers’ week we’ve put together our 5 top reasons to use your local butchers.



The meat on display from your local butcher has been raised ethically and is always of high quality – often cut and packaged right in front of you. Your butcher will also be able to tell you the provenance of the meat – where and how it was raised. When you buy from your local butcher you also get peace of mind that you’re eating and feeding your family with top quality meat.


The Selection available.

Your local butchers’ stock a wide range of meat. If you’ve seen a recipe that calls for a different cut, or you just fancy something new then your local butcher is the place to visit. They will have their standard cuts, and also be able to offer and supply you with speciality cuts too.



If you want tips on how to make the most of your meat you only have to ask!. What’s the best value, the most tender, what steaks cook best on the BBQ – all questions that your butcher will only be too happy to answer!

People sometimes argue that using your local butcher is more expensive than going to your nearest supermarket – but it’s important to remember that you’re buying superior products for just a fraction more than you would normally, and your friendly local butcher can also offer alternative cuts that will save you money without sacrificing on flavour, a real win-win


You’re buying and supporting local

The meat you’ll find from your local butcher has been sourced from the surrounding or nearby areas. Buying from your butcher strengthens local chains and gives a big shot in the arm to the local economy. The meat will also be responsibly sourced too.


Brilliant Customer Service.

From top advice, promoting alternative cuts that save you money and deliver big on flavour, to cooking tips, recipe ideas and recommendations – your local butcher will always offer impeccable customer service, a devoted, happy, local audience constantly returning to buy again and again is exactly what your butcher wants – so they will do everything they can to make sure you get the most from your visit.

So get behind National Butchers’ Week and head out to the meat market in Barrow Market Hall. You’ll experience all of the above in a safe, socially distanced environment and support fantastic local businesses too.

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