Loki's Back!
8th September 2015
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Ulverston is no stranger to the mysterious artist Loki.

Last September four of his distinctive peices of artwork appeared in the town and looked amazing. Rather than being seen as unwanted graffiti, the people of Ulverston thought they were incredible and they can still be seen in the town today! 

They brought the town a lot of publicity and even appeared on TV when Border News ran a feature on them.

Well Loki's back and as well as more of his trademark pictures, has brought something very different to the town. Cumbria's very own Banksy-style guerrilla artist has put a collection of mod rock persons on the main roundabout by Brewery Street Car Park.

They look amazing, and no doubt will be the talk of the town for quite sometime.

Whoever you are Loki - you're awesome, keep up the good work!

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