It wouldn't be Christmas without a real Christmas tree
30th November 2009
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It wouldn’t be Christmas without a real Christmas tree


As we are facing a tree shortage again this year as the euro has fall yet again, and the British grower just cannot match the demand for the most popular varieties.

Did you know? There are over 8 million trees sold every year in the UK alone with the bulk off them coming from Europe. Denmark alone send one million to this country but have only supplied us with 300,000 blaming the week exchange rate and are opting to send them else were.

Fortunately Crooklands Garden Centre had the foresight to reserve 5,000 growing trees last year, so unlike most suppliers they have been able to freeze their prices for the last 3 years.

“We cut our own trees and we leave this until as late as possible in November or early December. Most imported trees can be cut as early as October.” Explained Marc Charnley from the Garden Centre.

Here are their top tips for keeping your tree in thebest condition right through the holiday season.


Looking after your tree

  1. Ensure that you buy a fresh tree.
  2. Once home, if you are not going to take the tree into your house immediately, place the tree in a cool, dry place out of the wind.
  3. Just before you take the Christmas tree in the house, saw off the bottom 1" (3cm) of the trunk.
  4. Try not to expose your tree to sudden changes in temperature.
  5. Once inside the house, try and position your Christmas tree away from any heat sources such as radiators.
  6. Place your tree in plain water - not soil or sand which would block the pores in the bark. 
  7. Keep the Christmas tree stand topped up with water. Your Christmas tree may drink 2-3 pints (1-2 litres) of water per day, depending on its size and your central heating settings.




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