How to Get your Advert to Stand Out from the Crowd!
25th July 2012
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We learnt this tip about 2 years ago and have applied it so many times now when advising clients on how to make sure their adverts get the right response.

So many businesses get their ads wrong – and so they don’t work or don’t generate the response that was hoped for…and so the business owner decides wrongly, that ‘advertising doesn’t work.’

Every great advert needs HOPE


No one wants to see you name on the top of an advert. Create an eye-catching headline that sells the benefits of what you do. e.g. “brighten that smile and look 10 years younger”!


An offer gives people a reason to take action - of course, the better the offer the better the response so you’ll need to try different offers for different target groups to find out what works best. DON’T FORGET TO PUT A DEADLINE ON THE OFFER SO THAT THE READER TAKES ACTION NOW.


This applies to all the graphics and images, quality, quality, quality. Make sure your adverts are smart, clean, uncluttered and with a lovely photo or too. Invest in some professional photographs you can use time and time again – speak to Nick Collinge from Love It Studios in Barrow who will be able to offer you a package to suit your business and your budget!


Right at the bottom of the ad make sure they know how to contact you! And remember different clients want to use different media these days. How often do people contact you by fax??!! Don’t forget addresses, emails, Facebook and Twitter links etc.etc.

If you are open 24/7 and have a global coverage don’t forget to tell them that too.

Finally, if you want to get better at writing ads and marketing, you should study great copy. Look at the ads and marketing pieces that get your attention. Why do they get you to stop and read them?

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