Home grown travel company Tripbod gain national award!
30th August 2011
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Sally Broom from Tripbod has been in touch this month to announce that they we were DELIGHTED to be named in the Guardian newspaper’s Best Travel Websites EVER! You can check out the article here:


Here is an extract from Tripbods latest newsletter:-

“This is a timely piece, because the travel industry is changing, and rightly so. The voices of people who live in destinations can no longer be ignored, something I was reminded of this week. As I mention in the TechCrunch comment, I had an interesting experience with a leading industry figure who I have known (and done battle with!) for many years. This person believed Tripbod (and YourSafePlanet before it) aims too high and is striving for the impossible. But on meeting last week I received an apology and a comment that struck me very deeply – Tripbod, and organisations like it, are the future of the travel industry. This CEO has been in the industry for over two decades and has battled tirelessly for ethical tourism throughout, so this encouragement meant a great deal to me, and I hope it does to you too.

But of course we knew this anyway! It has been a tough battle to get our voices heard and will continue to be so, but we will continue throughout. The support we receive from global brands like the Guardian is a huge boost, but the most important part of this is you: every single Tripbod, in every single destination. Alone our voices are tiny and cannot hope to be heard over the din of the big corporate travel brands and their marketing budgets. But together something interesting happens... the volume grows, bit by bit, and suddenly we can’t be ignored any more. And that is what is happening.”

If you are planning a holiday abroad and want a far more “personal” experience then contact your local Tripbod for a personalised itinerary and truly start living like a local.

For more information about Tripbod please visit the feature here

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