Helping the Homeless
2nd August 2017
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We all take the simple things in life for granted. No matter how bad your day’s been, or how terrible the weather gets, most of us are able to return to a safe, warm house and sleep in a cosy bed when it’s time to turn in for the night.

Unfortunately that’s not the case for everyone.

This Sunday a group of local 16 year olds will be putting their creature comforts to one side and be sleeping out in Barrow to raise awareness for 16-25 year old homeless people.

The group are working closely with Nightstop –a service providing free, safe, secure emergency temporary accommodation for homeless young people in Cumbria. 

The concept is simple – it’s the provision of emergency accommodation for 16 to 25 year old young people in the homes of approved volunteers. Nightstop volunteers are just ordinary people who are willing to open the door of their home to help young people in need, or who offer their time to help local services in other ways by being telephone contacts, or drivers. 

The event in Barrow takes place on Sunday 6th August at 3pm and concludes on 10am Monday 7th August. It is being run through the National Citizenship Service.

The group are opening the event up to the community and a bake sale will be held on Sunday to help raise money. All money raised by the bake sale will go to help Nightstop continue the fabulous work they do

For more details please visit the groups Facebook page:

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