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30th October 2018
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Christmas is coming, and as nice as it is to be caught up in all the razzamatazz and twinkling lights on the run up to the festive period, it’s also important to spare a thought for those who aren’t as fortunate as us.

One organisation that needs your help and support is Animal Welfare (Furness) Each year, hundreds of cats, dogs and other animals in the Furness area end up homeless. It is left to a few hard-working animal lovers to find them a new home.

You can make a monetary donation to help them keep up the amazing work they do, or you could choose to support them by purchasing items that they desperately need in order to feed and look after the animals in their care.

By purchasing an item from the shopping list below, you would be really helping to make a big difference.

Here is a list of items you can donate:

Tinned cat food

Pouched cat food

Cat biscuits

Pouched kitten food

Kitten biscuits

Dry dog food

Washing powder

Strong bin liners

Kitchen roll

All- purpose anti- bacterial spray


Hand sanitiser

All donations, however small are greatly appreciated.

To find out more about this wonderful charity, please visit

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