Help our emergency services and make the right call!
10th December 2015
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When you add those numbers to the already large number of people who get admitted to Hospital on a daily basis, it’s easy to see how Doctors, Nurses and staff can get soon get swamped.

The North West Ambulance Service will once more be at full stretch this winter and desperately want to get to the people that really need their assistance as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, there has recently been a spate of inappropriate 999 calls from members of the public, which have seriously hindered the emergency services. One call was from a person reporting (can you believe it) a blocked nose! – Hardly life or death is it!

People are being urged to use some common sense and make the right call before calling 999.

A social media campaign has been launched using the hashtag #MakeTheRightCall, encouraging people to consider alternatives for minor injuries and illnesses rather than putting even more pressure on an already overstretched emergency service.

999 calls have in recent weeks have included reports of a split finger nail, being bitten by a feral cat and even one for spilt tea.

Derek Cartwright Director of Operations for North West Ambulance Services said "Only the most serious 999 calls will receive a fast ambulance response and therefore, those with minor injuries are likely to find it quicker and more convenient to make their own way to hospital or to use alternatives such as pharmacies, GPs, walk-in centres or self-care."

So, have yourselves a safe Christmas, but if you do need medical assistance over the Winter - please make the right call!

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