Help needed to keep the Ulverston Lantern Festival afloat!
11th April 2012
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Ulverston’s famous lantern festival is under threat unless it doesn’t get more support from the local community and businesses.

This year is the 30th anniversary of the event. However, Peter Winston, chairman of the Ulverston Lantern Supporters’ Group, which organises the procession, explained at a public meeting that if people want to keep the festival, they need to support it.

The small committee of around six is looking to build its numbers, encourage more volunteers to steward the event and to help with lantern building workshops. More money is also needed to run the event.

The committee will need to find up to £10,000 each year and are looking to get the community to fully support the event in whatever way they can.

With the closure of the Lanternhouse in Ulverston the Procession will not survive beyond this year unless other people, venues and organisations dig deep in terms of manpower and donations or grants to help keep it going.

Ulverston Town Council has said it will be increasing its grant this year, and an application has also been submitted to South Lakeland District Council, and the Arts Council has been approached to help with funding

Mr Winston said: “The community needs to get behind the event far more than they have done before and keep it alive, because Lanternhouse is no longer there as the back-up anymore. We have to replace everything that Lanternhouse did”.

For more information on how you can help contact Peter Winston on 01229 580640.

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