Furness - The Envy of the Nation!
16th November 2016
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We might be biased (well ok there’s no ‘might’ about it) when we say that Furness is a great place to live, work and bring up children. But now we can say that it’s official!

A study commissioned by Royal Mail has placed Barrow and Dalton as two of the most desirable places to live in the UK.

The Centre for Economic and Business Research conducted the study and created the list based on a broad range of factors. These included affordable housing, job prospects, good local schools, access to green spaces and average commuting times.

It’s a fantastic recommendation, and proof, if proof is needed, that we’re extremely fortunate to live and work in this area. We have the best of both worlds on our doorstep -cutting edge technology and industry and areas of stunning beauty and breath taking scenery too.

Barrow and Dalton made the top 10 alongside towns such as Dorchester, Warrington and Bebington.

This is something that we can fully relate to, we weren’t born here, we chose to move our family nearly 200 miles to be here. And 10 years later, we would never even consider moving back. Our decisions to be here were based on all of the factors considered in this survey. We’ve been made to feel welcome here, and couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.

We live and work in a fantastic area, OK it’s not perfect, but tell me a town that is!

It’s about time that we all recognise how lucky we are, and take full advantage of the many fantastic things that Furness has to offer!

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