Free fruit for kids at Tesco
31st July 2016
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Having to drag the kids around the supermarket can be a real ordeal. Understandably it’s never the highlight of their week (or ours, let's be honest!). One of the most common things they complain about as you slalom up and down the aisles during the weekly shop; is how hungry they are. 

That could all change due to a great new initiative from Tesco.

Fresh fruit will be given to children as they go round the store to shop with their parents. It’s a fantastic idea that means that they get a healthy snack and keeps them occupied, giving you and your ears a bit of a rest.

800 stores across the UK are running the scheme which encourages healthy eating habits in children. Stores in Barrow, Millom are included in those handing out free fruit.

We all know the government statistics; children (well, all of us actually) should all be eating 5 portions of fresh fruit and veg a day. But is that happening? Well, according to some rather shocking stats; unfortunately, no it isn’t.

Only 10% of boys and just 7% of girls aged between  11–18 meet the recommended guidelines. In fact in terms of daily portions of fruit and veg, the national average consumed by children in these age brackets is only 3.

The idea for this came about (as most great things do) from a simple observation. A checkout operative in Lincolnshire had spotted that parents had been giving their children sweets to pacify them as they were shopping. She started giving them free fruit as a healthy alternative. Word got out that this was happening, Tesco liked the initiative and rolled it out across hundreds of its stores.

It’s hoped that this new scheme can help towards kids getting their 5 a day. A selection of fruit including apples, citrus fruit and bananas will be given, free, to parents to hand to their children.

So next time you do your big shop, don’t forget your free fruit.  It won’t necessarily stop your kids from moaning, but it’ll certainly be healthier for them!

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