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25th March 2020
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Our libraries are a really valuable and quite often underestimated resource.         

They provide the opportunity to find employment, to explore and research new ideas topics and subjects. Libraries not only allow us to get swept away in wonderful stories but have – until recently been a great place for social interaction.

It’s fair to say that the library is the foundation for a healthy community.

That’s why it’s so important to use them – especially at times like this. Obviously with the huge threat that the coronavirus brings, things will be done differently, but the library is still committed to supporting the local community in anyway it can and it’s adapted

All face to face access to libraries and archives ceased to the public  last Friday (20th March) and isn’t planned to resume till 1st May at the earliest, at which point future opening arrangements will be reviewed.

It’s a decision that has not been taken lightly given the valuable service that our libraries and archives provide. However this is an unprecedented situation and the health, safety and wellbeing of customers, staff and local communities has to be the number one priority.

So how can you still access library services now?

During this difficult time Barrow Library would like to remind their customers that some services are available online and we would like to encourage customers to use these services and resources, such as e-book and e-magazines, which are available at The services they will continue to offer include the following:

A contactless home delivery service provided to any existing customers already signed up for this service. They will be considering if this offer can be extended to additional customers however this will be subject to availability of staff and volunteers.

Access to their online offer.

You can also access dozens of free ebooks and audiobooks via Borrowbox, which is downloadable from your app store.

You need a library membership to access Borrowbox, which you can sign up for online here:

The procedure used to be that after you signed up online Library Support would post you a card, which you then had to activate by going into a library with some ID. With libraries closed like everything else, you will instead receive a few emails from Library Support which will enable you to access the online resources:

The Council has also taken a decision to waive fines incurred during the temporary closure period as customers will not be able to return books in most locations, however customers will be able to renew the items they have borrowed online.

So please make sure you continue to use your local library – make the most of the online services and stay safe and stay connected.

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