Food Review: Chandlers Country Cafe
3rd May 2017
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Working for yourself is great, no two days are the same, that’s why we love running our own business, but one thing we have to deal with is that we often have to eat on the go. We don’t have set breaks or a set lunch hour – in fact some days we don’t stop for lunch at all.

But, when we can, we do like to have a working lunch; a nice bite to eat and a bit of planning and strategizing, you can’t beat it!

So, as we were coming back from meetings last week, driving back towards Ulverston, we both felt peckish, and decided that a spot of lunch - away from the office, was most definitely called for.

Luckily Suzanne suggested that Chandlers Country Café in Lindal was open, so we made our way there to have a late lunch.

We arrived at 2pm and I thought, seeing as it was past lunchtime it would be reasonably quiet – I was wrong! We didn’t struggle to find a table, but the café was pleasantly full with plenty of diners chatting away and tucking into their food. It was a lovely relaxed atmosphere as we looked at the menu to make our choices.

The Café does a wide range of meals, from lighter bites such as soup and sandwiches and jacket potatoes to more substantial meals, it also has daily specials.

Being slightly pressed for time we decided on trying some of their sandwiches. I went for the chicken and bacon sandwich on brown bread, Suzanne opted for the club sandwich on toasted bread  (both came with coleslaw and a side salad) We also has a couple of cheeky bowls of chips to go with it (well you’ve got to keep your strength up haven’t you?)

Although the café was busy, we didn’t have to wait long, and the food was delicious. One things for sure – you won’t leave Chandlers hungry. The sandwiches were nicely presented, they weren’t thrown together, and they had plenty of filling. The salad was nice and fresh, and the chips were cooked nicely.

Although the café was busy, the staff were always smiling and friendly. It looked like a large portion of the customers there were ‘regulars’, as they would be chatting to the staff as tables were being cleaned down. That’s proof if any were needed of the quality of the café, a stream of regular, repeat custom is always a good sign for any eatery.

So all in all we had a fantastic lunch at Chandler’s, great food at a very reasonable price. We’ll definitely be back!

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