Follow the Top Athletes for Success in Business
25th July 2010
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Follow the Top Athletes for Success in Business

You don’t have to be a World Cup football player or a Wimbledon champion to be a successful athlete. Nor do you have to have a room full of trophies, win a state championship, or make the front page of the sports section to excel in your chosen field.

What great sports men and women have in common is that their sport is important to them and they’re committed to being "the best" that they can be within the scope of their limitations – other life commitments, finances, time, and their natural ability. They set high, realistic goals for themselves and train and play hard. They are successful because they are pursuing their goals and enjoying their sport. Their sport participation enriches their lives and they believe that what they get back is worth what they put into their sport.

There are nine, specific mental skills that contribute to success in sports. They are all learned and can be improved with instruction and practice:
1. Choose and maintain a positive attitude

2. Maintain a high level of self-motivation

3. Set high, realistic goals

4. Deal effectively with people

5. Use positive self-talk

6. Use positive mental imagery

7. Manage anxiety effectively

8. Manage their emotions effectively
9. Maintain concentration.
Researchers have shown that the same attributes of highly successful athletes can be applied in business situations. They believe that our work is worthwhile because the same mental skills that athletes use in achieving success in sports can be used to achieve success in other areas of our lives and in business too!

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