Dr Murad was a real treat
14th November 2016
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As someone who never suffered from problem skin as a teenager I’ve been horrified at the changes and blemishes I’m encountering in my late 40’s – and a quick chat with Julia one day in the salon led to her suggesting I try a Murad Facial with Natalie.

I’ve had facials in the past and have a good skincare routine at home using a very well-known luxury salon brand, so I wasn’t sure what was going to be so different about Murad.

As always, there’s a very warm welcome at Jules Hair and Beauty on Rawlinson Street, and Natalie was ready and waiting for me.

The first part of the consultation was to complete a Murad skin health treatment plan where Natalie could find out about my daily routine and what my main concerns were about my skin. This helps Natalie select the best products from the range to suit me and make recommendations for continued use.

Once in the treatment room I felt instantly de-stressed with the soft lighting, gorgeous scents and soft music, and as I lay on the bed covered in warm fluffy towels, Natalie began the treatment with a relaxation ritual.

Now fully relaxed the treatment could begin.

The steam cleanse removed the makeup and impurities from my face ready for Natalie to apply the peel. It tingled at first but left my skin feeling completely invigorated and would help the ingredients in the products penetrate the skin cells giving better results.

Next Natalie applied a clarifying mask – this was the most relaxing part of treatment for me as I lay there while the mask did its job and Natalie massaged my hands, arms, back and shoulders.

Once the mask had been removed my skin felt like new – fresh and hydrated and ready for the specialist products Natalie had selected for me, a renewing eye cream, a serum and a renewing, age-balancing moisturiser.

The whole experience takes place over an hour and I emerged from the treatment room feeling totally refreshed and invigorated, mentally and physically.

The facial left my skin feeling plump, cleansed and hydrated and Natalie is a very experienced therapist who then talked me through the routine and products she recommended I follow on a daily basis. She then gave me some of the products she had used during the facial to take home, just a couple of days worth so I was able to see how they would continue to improve my skin.

The products Natalie selected to use for my facial were from the Murad Resurgence range which has advanced collagen building technology to help reduce wrinkles and restore hydration, suppleness, texture and tone to your skin.

My verdict:

I would definitely re-book this treatment with Natalie and follow her suggested routine, as the initial facial and the products I took home made a real noticeable difference to the feel and appearance of my skin.

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