Don’t Move Out – Move Up! Top Tips When choosing a Local Builder
14th March 2012
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Are you planning to do some building work on your home this spring? Maybe a loft conversion or extension to create more space for your growing family? How do you choose the right builder?


Or perhaps you have a long list of smaller property maintenance jobs that you never get round to??

There are plenty of great tradesmen out there, the problem is finding them! Programs like House of Horrors stereotype builders as cowboys, and conjure up fear in the hearts and minds of hopeful home improvers. Don't be discouraged; rogue builders are in the minority. By taking a few precautions you can find a trustworthy builder.

Here are a few suggestions to help you get on your way:

1) Request several quotes or estimates - ask for a breakdown detailing all costs (materials / labour)

2) Get a feel for the builder's reputation - check references & ask to see photos of the work they've done.

3) Put everything in writing - keeping a record helps avoid problems due to miscommunication.

Sound like a lot of effort? It doesn't have to be, just check out the reputable builders/ property maintenance specialists on Thebestofbarrowandfurness.

J-M Contracting – for those bigger projects call John Martin on 07727650128 or 01229 821442.

Mountbarrow Landscapes and Property Maintenance – for smaller building jobs both inside and outside plus all your patios, decking and paving projects call Steve Salisbury on  07870732425 or 01229 586493.

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