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26th November 2009
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They say that you are never more than 5ft from a rat in the UK.


Are you living within 5ft of a rat in Barrow and Furness? Here’s what our pest control experts from Pied Piper Northern Ltd has to say.


“If this saying is true then it will be the Brown rat, he or she also goes under many names, Sewer rat, Water rat, Common rat, Norway rat and Wharf rat. 


The brown rat will live happily under your garden shed and decking where it is dry and safe from predators, he will burrow at least 2 foot underground, stream, river banks, farms (especially pig units, stables and poultry are all places you will find the Brown rat),  major problems can occur when they decide to set up home in your house causing damage to electric wires and the fabric of the building etc.  


The Brown rat gestation period is 21 days and will produce 3 to 6 litters a year, each litter size can be between 7 to 8 young born blind and naked, eyes open at 14 days”.


There are many reasons we need to control the Brown rat including:


The spread of diseases

Agricultural damage

Damage and contamination to food stores

Structural damage

Human fear of bites/ contamination etc 


Rats are carries of Weils disease (Leptospiral Jaundice) it is thought that 50% of the UK rat population are carriers of this disease, the disease can be transferred to man through cuts or by mouth for example not washing your hands before eating food, this disease at its worst can kill.


If you have a Brown rat living 5  feet from you in Barrow and Furness?


Get expert pest control help here from Pied Piper Northern Ltd. They are a family owned business and have over 40 years experience in pest control. They offer a 24/7 service at affordable prices AND they are great people to deal with.

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