Chris Evans raves about his new smile on Radio 2
25th October 2011
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Earlier this year,  Radio 2 DJ, TV presenter and media-mogul Chris Evans spoke publicly on his about his current cosmetic dentistry treatment.  He has been wearing Invisalign * invisible braces to straighten his teeth.

These clear braces have been custom-made to correct any crooked teeth and leave a beautiful straight smile.  Chris explained that impressions of his teeth were sent to the USA, where technicians provided a 3d video showing how Chris’s teeth would move and what the finished result would be.

After the show Chris posted a photo of himself wearing the braces on his breakfast show Facebook page, where fans have commented and shared their own stories.

The braces are truly invisible in wear so a much more attractive proposition than traditional braces.  They can work in as little as 6 months and are easily removable for eating and drinking or even a night out.

Last week he gave an update on his breakfast show last week and said how pleased was with the results.
That’s really great news for bestof members Susan Spence & Associates from Ulverston and Ardent Dental Care in Barrow in Furness who are the only suppliers of Invisalign* in the area.

“What a fantastic endorsement for Invisalign* - hearing Chris rave about the results live on his radio show last week” said Susan Spence.

It’s never too late in life to straighten out your teeth – so give our dentists a call and they will help you put a smile back on your face !

Contact Susan Spence at Susan Spence & Associates on 01229 582 041

And Beverly Louw at Ardent Dental Care on 01229 822 434

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