Carers Week 2019
9th June 2019
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There are 6.5 million carers in the UK.

Caring for someone who has a disability, suffering from a physical or mental illness or needs help due to old age is a selfless thing to do. Being a carer; whether for a friend or a family member can be an extremely rewarding experience, but it comes with its challenges.

Nine out of ten carers say that they have missed out on financial or practical support - or both, and three out of four carers feel isolated.

Caring without the right support and information can be incredibly tough, and in the process of caring for others, carers can, if not careful, neglect their own health and wellbeing too.

Carers week looks to readdress the balance by ensuring that carers are well informed and are introduced to fellow carers, support networks and organisations. It’s a campaign that not only raises the awareness of caring but also highlights the challenges that unpaid carers face and recognizes the contribution and huge difference they make to both families and communities the length and breadth of the UK.

As part of Carers Week 2019, Furness Carers will be embracing this year’s theme - Getting Carers Connected by holding a free event at Hindpool Community Centre.

This free coffee morning and information event will showcase 25 organisations that offer information & advice on wellbeing & getting connected.

This event takes place on Friday 14th June between 10am - 12pm. You can find out more here…


To find out more about the National campaign please visit:

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