Broadband Speeds in Ulverston could leave you with a mountain to climb!
4th March 2016
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We all have devices; be it laptops, computers, tablets and phones, and not having decent broadband at home can be frustrating. If it’s poor at work it can have serious implications, and can really hinder your business.

According to a new survey the average broadband speeds in Ulverston are slower than those at Mount Everest Base Camp! conducted the survey using data from speed tests, and has compiled a list of the 5 slowest towns and villages in the UK (all of which have slower broadband speed than at Mount Everest which has a speed of 2 Mbps)

The UK’s five slowest are:

1 Miserden in Gloucestershire (with an average broadband speed of 1.30Mbps)

2 Ashwell in Hertfordshire (1.39 Mbps)

3 Ulverston (1.45 Mbps)

4 Gilsland Village in Cumbria (1.86 Mbps)

5 Brent Knoll in Somerset (1.99 Mbps)

Now, this is a subject that has split opinion. Many people in Ulverston and surrounding areas are happy with the speeds they receive, and don’t see what the fuss is about; whilst others are infuriated with it and feel that the speed is far too slow.

Having poor broadband speed is no joke (we’ve had problems recently too) we can only hope things improve in the future.

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