Be Social Holiday Savvy
6th August 2015
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Are you social holiday savvy?

A couple of months ago I did a radio interview for BBC Radio Cumbria as police had released statistics showing a high increase in social media related crimes.

Now I love all things social, I make my living as an online marketer, so when the radio station contacted me I was intrigued by this increase.

The first thing that came to mind was phone theft but it turns out the main culprit is our online statuses.

Apparently we are all so keen to share what we’re doing and where we are going we are making ourselves sitting ducks.

Log onto Facebook and look at your newsfeed – it’s full of holiday shots, friends on the beach, sitting around the pool, eating out at lovely restaurants and making us all feel just a bit envious as we dash in from the rain – again! But think about who’s on your friends list, there are a lot of people who we don’t really know that well at all and if your privacy settings aren’t right you could be broadcasting these wonderful holiday pics and well as advertising your house is empty to everyone who’s watching.

Burglaries are on the increase and we are telling them when’s the best time to strike – so STOP. Be summer savvy and if you’ve not had your holiday yet, don’t post about it. Save all those holiday shots for when you get back – I bet you remember the days when you got back from your holidays and then bored everyone with your snaps – oh how times have changed.

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