Be Proud To Be A Quitter
7th March 2016
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No Smoking Day originally started on Ash Wednesday back in 1984, and has always been held on the second Wednesday in March every year since.

This year No Smoking Day takes place on March 9th.

It encourages smokers to ‘take the leap’ and give up cigarettes and smoking for good. Now, this isn’t a campaign designed to FORCE smokers to quit, or to somehow harass or pick on them. Instead No Smoking Day is all about ENCOURAGING and supporting smokers who want to stop. Quitting cigarettes is tough (as an ex- smoker I can testify to that). National helplines, drop in centres and local stop smoking services have been set up to offer advice and assistance to those who want to give up.

Quitting can be difficult, so we’ve put together our 5 top tips to help you stop smoking.

It’s always better together!

Just like dieting or exercise regimes, it’s easier to stop smoking if you do it as part of a group. Suggest to family of friends to give up together, that way you can motivate each other, and keep each other focussed and on track.

Believe in yourself!

You CAN do this! Ok, so you may have decided to quit before but you caved in and carried on smoking. That was then this is now!. Think about how you’re going to stop and think positively!

Keep Active!

This works on two levels. Keeping active and exercising means that you’ll have less time to smoke, and it’s been scientifically proven that exercising (even for 5 minutes) can cut your cravings down too.

Change your diet!

Certain foods like meat for example, make cigarettes taste better. Others like cheese, fruit and veg make them taste horrible. So try swapping that burger for a veggie meal once in a while! Drinks affect the taste of cigarettes too. Try water and fruit juice instead of  coffee or alcohol, it’ll make smoking taste far less appealing!

Change your routines!

Do you always smoke after a main meal? Why not try just getting up and doing the dishes instead. Or go to a room in the house where you can’t (or won’t) smoke. Get yourself a new routine, over time it will become a new (and better) habit.

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