Barrow Waterfront plans get one step closer.
24th November 2015
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Plans to decontaminate and clear derelict land on Barrow Island were granted unanimously and without comment, paving the way for work to start on regenerating the area into a Business Park.

This news comes as a massive boost to the area, as the multi million pound project (which initially was due for completion in 2020) had stalled for the last couple of years due to cuts in Government funding.

Work can now start on removing all traces of asbestos, hydrocarbon, as well as all rubbish, fly tipping and boundary fencing from the site and installing utilities.

Measures will also have to be put in place to protect the area from flooding.

The Waterfront Business Project will provide quality premises and serviced land to entice business to the area. It’s part of the masterplan in regenerating the area providing 1,200 – 1,600 jobs by creating 408,000 square feet of land.

Speaking after the meeting, member for Barrow, Councillor Kevin Hamilton said he welcomed the progress being made:

"Things are happening with the site now,"

"The allotment holders have agreed to relocate and there are 70 or so traps there now for slow worms and lizards.

"The next step is to prepare the land.

"We want everything done as quickly as possible to minimise disruption.

"This is also very important for the regeneration of Barrow and we want to get on with it."

These are exciting times; attracting new manufacturing companies to the area, as well as housing existing businesses can only be a good thing for the town, and is essential for its growth. Hopefully this project will get underway as soon as possible.

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