A Lidl bit of good news for Ulverston?
22nd February 2016
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The debate about whether Ulverston does or doesn’t need a supermarket has been raging for quite a few years now.

Sainsbury’s were interested in having a store in Ulverston, and looked into potential sites in and on the outskirts of town. It’s fair to say that the possible arrival of a large supermarket chain has divided opinion.

Now budget supermarket chain Lidl have set their sights on the Ulverston and are looking at several sites too. And this has, as expected reignited the debate, as once again the public and local business owners are split about the impact this will have on the town.

There are many who see the arrival of a supermarket (budget or otherwise) as a real threat to the town. They worry that the quirkiness of the town will be lost, that the things that make the town what it is will be swallowed up by a big supermarket chain. It’s also argued that this could seriously affect town centre businesses, potentially putting many out of business.

Others have a different viewpoint.

The town has a lot of expansion plans, and some argue that if you want to attract people to live, visit and stay here, then you have to have the facilities to cope. The emergence of a supermarket in the town doesn’t have to signal the demise of the high street. It’s a sign of progress, and necessary for the growth and prosperity of the town.

Whatever side of the fence you’re on, this is a subject that isn’t going away, and we’ll be hearing a lot of differing opinions about it over the coming months. It seems that Ulverston could be getting a supermarket after all. 

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