A Flying Start for Oscar's Nest in Barrow Market
23rd January 2018
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If you’ve been lucky enough to see Paul Rose and his magnificent feathered friends from The Owl Sanctuary at Barrow Market Hall, or one of the many places they visit throughout the year, then you’ll know and appreciate just how incredible they are. If you haven’t had the time yet  and missed the dates they have been at Barrow Market, don’t worry – you can now see them regularly throughout the week as they’ve now taken residence at ‘Oscar’s Nest’ located at Stall 121.

The stall is named after Oscar, a beautiful European Eagle Owl that was taken in and cared for by The Owl Sanctuary.  Oscar sadly passed way, so Paul thought that naming the stall in his honour would be a fitting tribute to an incredible owl.

Oscars Nest is open on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday every week, giving you the perfect opportunity to not only hold and cuddle the owl that’s on the stall that day (if you’re lucky there may be more than one on some days!) but to browse the range of memorabilia and owl related goods from t shirts to mugs, aprons to teat -owls (see what we did there?) there’s plenty to see.

And if you want to ask any questions and find out more about these feathered beauties, then Paul is always on hand to answer any questions you may have and how you can get involved in helping to protect owls and support the fantastic work that the good folk at The Owl Sanctuary do (if you want to)

So here’s to ‘Oscar’s Nest’, they’ve made a flying start already in the short time they’ve  been in the market. Their popularity is only going to keep on soaring!

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