9 Ways to show your dog you love them on Valentine's Day
13th February 2020
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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching so it’s important that we do something to show our appreciation for that special certain someone in our lives (and while you’re at it don’t forget your other halves either!)

Our dogs show us unconditional love all year round, the joy they give us, the companionship and friendship they offer is incredible. They’re always pleased to see you,  never complain about your cooking and they never leave the toilet seat up either! So it’s only right that we do something special to show how much we love  them on Valentine’s Day -

So what can you do to celebrate that special bond between you and your canine cupid?

Here’s 9 ways you could celebrate Valentine’s Day with your dog.


1.Dinner For Two

When you’re preparing a romantic meal on the 14th, be sure to put some to one side for your dog, a few extra treats will always go down well. Just be sure to keep any candles away from waggy tails though!


2. Watch a film together

From Marley and Me to Beethoven to Secret Life of Pets  – there’s plenty to enjoy, just press play and snuggle up on the sofa.


3. Head for the great outdoors.

Whether you get away for a few days or simply decide to take your dog on a new or longer walk than usual, they’ll  absolutely love spending time with you.


4. Spend time learning a new trick

Dogs love attention, and they love to play and learn too, so spending the time and effort with them to learn a new trick is a win win.


5. A nice relaxing bubble bath

Ok, so not all dogs love a bath – but it’ll do them the world of good – and they’ll smell so much better when you snuggle up afterwards!


6. A bit of pampering

Just like us, dogs love to be stress free and relaxed. A dog massage has so many benefits, your dog will love the attention, and it will only help to strengthen your bond too.


7. Write your dog a poem

Ok this might not be for everyone, but for those of you who love a bit of writing, why not put your feelings into words and express yourself through poetry – you can even recite it to your dog.


8. Donate to your favourite dog friendly charity in your dog’s name.

There are plenty of dog friendly charities that need constant support. What better way to show your love for our four legged friends than donating to a charity in your dog’s name.


9. Make your dog a playlist to listen to when you’re not there.

Our dogs miss us when we leave the house – even if it’s just for a short time. By putting a playlist together of songs that you listen to around the house, your dog will feel safe and love listening to something familiar, rather than being left in a silent house.


So there you have it! Spread a little love this Valentine’s Day and treat your four legged friend – they deserve it!

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