7 Great Reasons Why Every Business Needs a Blog
25th July 2012
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1. Have a conversation with your clients and prospects – a blog gives you the opportunity to build and communicate with your customers regularly with original content you provide.

2. Build your reputation as an expert in your field – By providing consistent quality content and conversations through your blog, you build yourself up as the “go to” business for those seeking your products or services.

3. Improve your search engine rankings – With more content and external links, you attract more indexing from search engines and better rankings.

4. Create a knowledge base or top tips for your readers – More clients are now looking for educational content as a major part of their decision process before they buy. Publish lots of “how-to”, “meet the expert” and instructional content including videos, writing and other media.

5. Increase lead generation – With all this great content, higher search rankings and positioning as an expert, it is going to create more leads for you. Don’t try to sell to them your prospects all the time – try to solve their problems.

6. Increase your email subscribers – Try different calls-to-action, like the special report to get readers on your newsletters and then you can engage with them even more.

7. Having a resource centre – Many businesses put lots of effort into social media marketing like Facebook or Twitter, but many don’t invest into their blog. If any of these networks went away tomorrow, where would your customers find you? Your blog can sit on your website and will provide you with a tremendous business opportunity. You can position your business as a leader, increase search rankings and branch out your information through other networks.


A blog isn’t something you build overnight and only visit once a month – it takes dedication to keep up with relevant content that your readers will want to read and share with their colleagues.

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