Four top tips to get your CV noticed using Social Media!
24th November 2011
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We spotted a great article from Mashable on how to get your CV to stand out from the crowd:-

Gerrit Hall is the CEO and co-founder of RezScore, a free web application that reads, analyses and grades C.V’s  instantly. Gerrit has successfully combined his passion for computer science and the careers space by helping job seekers write the best resume possible.

Thanks to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and an array of other social media platforms, job seekers are closer than ever to the decision-makers at their target companies.

While social media is wonderful as a stand-alone tool in any job seeker’s toolbox, you should know that it’s even better when combined with other “old-fashioned” standbys — such as your resume.

Follow these four tips to optimize your resume with social media.

1. Link to Social
Nowadays, 10.9% of C.V’s include a social media link, and the number continues to rise. The more transparent you make yourself to potential employers, the more comfortable they’ll be hiring you.
Include your Facebook, Twitter and especially LinkedIn profile URLs along the top of your C.V, next to your name, email and phone number. Make sure the links are handy so the employer can quickly learn more about you, without having to do a lot of digging.
2. Fact-Check Yourself
While sending your information out in a dozen different directions, it’s easy to overlook outdated information. Therefore, update constantly. An employer shouldn’t see one thing on your resume and something different on LinkedIn.
Keep a list of all the social media and career sites on which have professional accounts or information. Once a month, check to make sure everything is up-to-date and matches your current resume.
3. Don’t Just Copy/Paste
Your C.V is full of content that also works great for your social media profiles. Feel free to use information from your resume for social network sections like “work experience,” “about me,” etc.
However, remember to share carefully selected content. Don’t just copy/paste your entire resume into your “about me” section. Not only will this flood your profile, but your resume’s formatting probably won’t travel well either.
Instead of copy/pasting, select a handful of solid phrases or anecdotes for your social profile. That way, you’ll guarantee that anyone reading your profile will get the most important information.
4. Use Keywords for SEO
Beyond your experience, skills and goals, remember that keywords are king. The unfortunate truth about today’s job search is that potential employers use Google and almighty Applicant Tracking Systems to peruse social media sites for the best candidates.
To stay on top of current industry jargon, study similar job listings for words that pop up frequently. Additionally, a variety of powerful SEO tools, which already exist for marketers, can easily be re-purposed to optimize your resume for search.
What do you think? What other tips should social media-savvy job seekers keep in mind when optimizing their resumes for social media? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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