24th April 2012
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Many thanks to Mountbarrow Landscapes for these top tips for May

1) Beware treacherous late frosts and keep vulnerable plants and new shoots protected at night if frost is forecast. Don’t be tempted to put out tender bedding until the middle of the month and even then be prepared to cover it if necessary.

2) Continue with the spring cleaning. Hoe your borders to get rid of weeds before they take hold (ideally on a dry day to desiccate the victims) - annual weeds such as bitter cress and groundsel are enough of a nightmare without allowing them to go forth and multiply by seeding, Dandelions are a dreadful nuisance at this time of year - if you don’t have time to deal with them terminally, at least chop their heads off before they set seed.

3) Water is a precious commodity - instigate good practices such as using kitchen and bath water (as long as it is neither too dirty, greasy nor full of detergent) for watering, collect rainwater and investigate ways to recycle water for your irrigation. Automatic watering systems are economical with water, as well as convenient!

4) Mulch away while you can still see what you are doing and before the herbaceous growth really takes off. Use your own garden compost or leaf mould, well-rotted manure; the contents of out-of-date grow bags or ready-made soil conditioner.

5) Now the soil is warming up and things are starting to grow, add general purpose fertiliser before covering with mulch especially in borders, the fruit and vegetable patch and containers. If you have already mulched, draw it back (if possible), tease the soil a little, add fertiliser and replace the mulch.

6) Carry on removing moss and weeds from paths, terraces and drives and keep an eye out for pests around the garden. Try to keep the use of chemical controls to a minimum - they may kill off pests, but they also kill off the beneficial insects that prey on them such as ladybirds and hoverfly larvae.

7) Now is the time to have a concerted effort on the damage done by slugs and snails. They love tulips and delicacies such as the delicious young shoots of delphiniums and the like, so use pet-friendly slug pellets, drench the ground around hostas with liquid slug killer to exterminate slugs below the surface or invest in a biological control all are available from the garden centre. Keep an eye out for snails and pick them off....what you do with them is up to you.

8) Birds are your friends here - flat stones artfully located are useful accessories for birds to practise their snail bashing techniques. Encourage birds to nest and forage in your garden with nesting boxes and hanging treats.

9) Planning – now is the time to be planning and getting estimates for any improvements in your garden so that you can get the benefit during the summer months. Decking, paving, stone walling and fencing can enhance your property and provide you with hours of enjoyment when you are ready to sit outside in the sunshine. Don’t forget they all add value to your property too so speak to the experts LINK TO MOUNTBARROW AGAIN PLEASE

10) And finally, go and visit our local car boot sale – there are plenty in Furness and they often have budding gardeners offering cuttings and seedlings that you can cultivate and plant in your garden at a fraction of the cost of expensive garden centres. Plus, have you considered growing your own herbs or vegetables? Now is the time to get out those grow bags or dedicate a small area of the garden for “The Good Life”


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