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The new 5p bag charge!
The new 5p bag charge!
Throughout England, shoppers are now being charged 5p for a carrier bag in supermarkets and large stores (stores with over 250 employees). Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland began charging their customers 5p back in 2014 and has since reaped the rewards.
Calling Barnet's youngsters, if you sing in a choir, church or school you can apply to sing a special choral work at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.
There are festivals galore over the summer months in the Borough of Barnet. Whatever your musical tastes enjoy live music right across the borough.
According to a new survey commissioned by – the UK’s leading marketer for great local businesses – the majority of Brits believe their local high street is in decline and Supermarkets are responsible.
 Chopped Liver – Lemon
Chopped Liver – Lemon
Local Barnet Borough guy talks about his day to day life as he waits for a liver transplant
I am based in Hendon, London Borough of Barnet and I will try to inject equal measures pain and pleasure in the writing to give as accurate account of my journey as possible.
Andrew Dismore, ousted MP for Hendon, is considering a legal challenge to the election result after claims that constituents were prevented from voting
The Royal Air Force Museum is delighted to announce that its attempt to obtain the world record for the most model Spitfires constructed in a day has been confirmed by the Guinness Book of World Records.
Matt Backer and Friends raised £500 for St. John's Whetstone PTA!
Spring Menus at the iBar!
Spring Menus at the iBar!
The iBar is unveiling its new Spring Treats!
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