The new 5p bag charge!
6th October 2015
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The aim:

The aim of the 5p carrier bag charge in England is to decrease the 7.6 billion carrier bags given to shoppers annually! It is then hoped that retailers will donate the money saved to a good cause.

The government are aiming to achieve a decrease of 80% of consumers using carrier bags and a 50% decrease on the high street alone. The government are predicting the 5p charge will achieve:

  1. £60 million savings in litter clean up charges
  2. £13 million in carbon fees.

This is hoped to be achieved within the next decade.

Where does my 5p go?

To begin with customers 5p’s will go to the supermarkets as this is not classed as a tax. This means supermarkets can choose what to do with the 5p’s collected, however they are expected to be donated to a good cause. 

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