Chopped Liver – Lemon
24th September 2010
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Chopped Liver – Lemon

Ok, the good news is I feel I have turned a corner – I suppose I should title this post River Deep Mountain High by Ike an Turner Corner – but I feel I have lost some of my ailments.

This is not to be sniffed at – no, otherwise i could do my back in – but the hand is healing nicely, the hip is finally turning black and blue – which is a good thing… I think, so all I am left with again are my internal issues which I can by and large ignore and keep hidden from clients etc.

I went to Ealing last night for a business networking event. I went with the most connected man in NW London and the speaker was the President of the Global Speakers Federation – I tell you I mix in high company. And I feel exalted by association.

The speaker was good (Alan Stevens, if you must know) – he’s obviously done it before – natch – nice relaxed style with a bit of humour thrown in and a message to boot. But all done with confidence – and that is the key, in my opinion, whatever you do – do it with confidence.

Eh, duh… obvious, I hear you cry. Well that’s as maybe – but some obvious things only become clear when they are written down and explained – so n’yah.

So, everything I did last night I did with confidence – I met many people – some very interesting – and I felt good and I felt energetic and I felt confident. And I hope that came across. Now I gotta do the next most obvious thing – the other thing that you all know, but, hey you don’t all do – that is – Follow Up! I need to call up the great contacts I made last night remind them of our chat and arrange a meeting where we can see just what we can do for each other.

By the way – just in case you live in an area of Jewish predominance – you may have noticed and may be curious as to why every religious Jew is walking around these days holding a tree in a clear plastic bag. I’ll tell you what this is – as far as I am aware. The Jewish religion is built around symbolism and tradition – so some of the practices appear as rather curious in these modern times – however, this is the festival of Tabernacles (whatever that means) and Jews go to synagogue carrying three type of tree branch wrapped together and a lemon. I hasten to add that the lemon is a small citrus fruit and not my description of the carrier!

Shake, Rattle and... lol


And they rattle and point these branches and fruit in the synagogue at certain times to indicate some subservience to the creator. And most people bring their own – lulav and etrog – as they are known, in the clear plastic bag. So what is the purpose of the bag? Well, to keep da rain off, dummy!

Now there… are 3…. steps to… carry a donor card – ooh, wap wap!
Just follow steps 1, 2 and 3.

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