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Buy Local campaign - supporting local businesses

At The Best of Aberdeen, our Buy Local campaign aims to encourage everyone to support their local businesses. If you don't use them, you will lose them.

Glen Dronach

12 May 2015 22:15

Glen Dronach releases batch 4 of cask strength single malt.

Good customer service - and do you complain if you don't receive it?

We want your help to make local business services better and to praise those businesses that are getting it right.

Why your business needs a video.

A short video about your business is a very valuable marketing tool and can help you to be found on YouTube, as well as boosting your website.

The Foxy Lady Drivers Club

08 March 2015 16:12

There is now a drivers club for ladies, giving help, advice and special discounts for lady drivers.

What makes you successful in business?

Being successful is not just coming up with a good business idea.

Will Aberdeen survive?

19 January 2015 22:11

What is the future for Aberdeen and how will the area survive with the price of oil so low?

F. U.  The two most important letters in your business

If you don't follow up with your customers and prospects - someone else will!
Make a New Year Resolution to contact one per day.

Christmas cheer.

17 December 2014 18:24

Christmas can be fun, but for some, it is a very difficult time.

Do you enjoy singing?

17 November 2014 17:13

Record your voice for the BBC and be in a virtual national choir for Christmas.

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