Why your business needs a video.
24th April 2015
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Why you should have a video for your business.

If you are in business you will, no doubt, have a website. If you have a website, you want people to find it quickly. This means that your search engine optimisation needs to be good. This will require a combination of factors, including key words, mobile friendliness, constant activity and more.

One very good way to increase activity and improved SEO (search engine optimisation) is to have a video. This can be placed on your own website, placed on YouTube (the second most used website in the world) and linked with other sites, such as The Best of Aberdeen.

Since Google owns YouTube, the advantage is an obvious one and one that you should take advantage of. Four billion online videos are watched daily, with a high proportion of these being on YouTube.

So what are the advantages of video for your business?

  • It is immediately more captivating than words alone
  • There is a more emotional connection with viewers 
  • People like watching movies! 
  • It boosts sales 
  • If made well, a video conveys professionalism. 
  • It will help the SEO of your website 
  • It can make your brand look amazing.

At The Best of Aberdeen we have linked with Grampian Media Studio Ltd who can create a professional video for you at a very reasonable price.

If your business is in Aberdeen City or Shire, read the following, then give us a call.

How does it work? The following is included in all our packages:

  • We will arrange an initial meeting with Grampian Media Studio Ltd so that they can fully understand your business, products and services and discuss your aims and objectives. 
  • We will arrange one day of filming, including up to 50 separate shots filmed at your premises (assumes all shots are filmed at one location) and editing. 
  • We can include up to 9 text captions. 
  • We will add music suitable in style and tempo to your brand. 
  • We will produce a finished video of up to 90 seconds long. This is a good length for online use. 
  • A final meeting will be arranged to show you the video and give you the opportunity to make any changes or corrections.

We suggest the following packages, which can be varied according to your requirements

Destination/walkthrough video

This brings your business to the customer, without them having to physically visit you. Visiting destinations can be quite costly and time consuming for your potential customers. Video helps convince the customer that their money is about to be spent wisely. Including pre-production and post-production, starts at only £450

Promo Video

Excellent presentation tool for meeting or exhibitions as well as on-line. This can include customer feedback or representative voice-over. Including pre-production and post-production, starts at only £499.

Retail/service video

A more inclusive production to show off your product with drama, emotion and style. This can include interviews with staff and possibly customers. A video of your various ranges can be a powerful video tool. It will make people feel they have visited your shop/premises before they have actually been there.

Whether you sell amps or army supplies, fridges or fashion, whisky or watches, people tend to research consumer products online before they buy. By keeping your retail outlet fresh in their mind will give them a subconscious loyalty to your shop or service.

This can also work with a service business such as a garage, showing what happens during an MOT or a general service. Includes up to 5 customers feedback and/or representative voice over. Time-lapse possibility. Including pre-production and post-production, starts at only £649.

Whichever services you choose, we will make sure that you agree what is to be included at the start and ask you to sign off the finished article when it is completed to your satisfaction.

Give Harry a call on 0791 7667665 to get your business in the movies.

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