F. U. The two most important letters in your business
29th December 2014
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F.U.  The most important two letters in your business. 

No, that’s a U not a Y!  F. U. stands for Follow Up, and it makes a very good New Year Resolution.  

We all like to think we follow up enquiries to our business, but is it something we have systemised into our routine?  I can relate many instances where I have followed up prospects three or four times, offering to call again, give more information, or just to see how their business is going. On many occasions it has worked, especially when I genuinely believe we can help their business. 

One company I followed up every 6 months for 4 years and was then rewarded with the business.  Persistence pays! 

But it is also important to follow up on your existing customers.   How many of these do you keep in regular contact with?  It is easy to be complacent about your regular customers who you don’t imagine would go anywhere else for your goods or services.  But unless you sell something that nobody else offers, your competitors are going to be trying to gain the business.

The sad fact is that you can be the best at what you do, but you need to Keep in Touch with your customers and prospects and keep reminding them that you are the best, or someone else will step in. 

Why not set aside just 10 minutes of your working day, every day in 2015, to ring a past or current customer and see if there is any way you can help them further.  Firstly, they will appreciate you thinking of them and secondly, you may just pick up some more business.  What is certain is that they are less likely to go somewhere else! 

Start putting their names in your diary now.  I am grateful to the Entrepreneur’s Circular for the idea of this blog.


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