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You’re not alone! Most people use the same password everywhere – home, work, Gmail, Facebook… even for banking.
Revive Your Slow Computer with an Easy Bottleneck Blitz
Children have all the time in the world to spend with their best friend: Technology.
Microsoft have started to push out and force the Fall Creators Update on Windows 10 computers, and this update is huge.
Everyone has heard of a virus, a malicious bit of software that’s designed to alter the way your computer works. But have you ever heard of a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program)?
Overheating and shutdown problems are very common in laptops and even desktops. The fans and heatsink clog up with dust and fluff, and eventually your computer gets so hot, it turns itself off
Laptop computers are one of the most fragile pieces of tech you’ll ever buy, but they also receive the roughest treatment. Extend your laptop’s life with these five easy tips.
No fix no FEE!
No fix no FEE!
Here at Nerds HQ we believe in providing every customer with a free no obligation diagnostic service and a no fix no fee guarantee on every repair that comes into HQ.
Our managed IT services can remotely take care of all the computers in your house and business, protecting you against both threats and system failure.
Are you concerned about your child’s activity online? Worried that your child or children may be subject to cyberbullying on social media? Then it is time to act now.
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