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27th July to 2nd September 2018 is National Fishing Month,bringing greater public awareness to the community about one of the most popular participation Sports in the UK. Not only is fishing very popular in Britain, and across the world,with vast numbers of anglers throughout this Country heading for riversides, ponds and any other stretch of open water at every opportunity but fishing is also one of the oldest pursuits known to man.
You can find everything you need to create a quintessential English garden at Royal Victoria Park Nursery.
Christmas is nearly here!
Christmas is nearly here!
We are so excited: Christmas is only three weeks away!
Enjoy the festive spirit and take a spin on a Victorian Carousel.
How to improve one of Britain’s best remaining Georgian Pleasure Gardens - Have your say.
A fabulous makeover by make up artists Ruth and Sophie from the Clifton Photographic Company
Keynsham Leisure Centre
Keynsham Leisure Centre
Would you like to find out more about the development of the Keynsham Leisure Centre
Spring Garden Makeover
Spring Garden Makeover
This is the perfect time of year to tidy up your garden, ready for Summer!
Love Walking? Mark 9-11 June in your diary for the Corsham Walking Festival.
Lila Dance's The Deluge is being brought to Braunton on April 8th. YOU are invited to take part in a SPECTACULAR DANCE THEATRE PERFORMANCE. Whether you are 8 or 108 this will be a showstopper and you could be the heart of it.
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