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A Shropshire computer expert has warned businesses to ensure they back-up their files and that their security is up-to-date to stay protected from CryptoLocker malware and other serious threats.
You may already know about the importance of having a good backup of your computer systems, however when did you last check your backups worked and your electronic files recovered?
People worldwide have been buying up computer tablets in droves because of their ease of use and portability. But they can still cause aches and pains; as a chiropractor here in Shrewsbury, I have compiled some tips to help alleviate them.
More needs to be done to educate adults on the safe use of the Internet if the message is to get through to children and this education starts in the workplace.
Everyone hates a slow computer. You're trying to do something but all you can see is that circle of doom going round and round..... Luckily, help is at hand with our recommended IT and Computer boffins in Shrewsbury.
Want to bank online, but scared off by stories of viruses and keyloggers stealing all your details?
A Shrewsbury-based marketing business and new Shropshire Chamber member has launched a unique service to help local SMEs grow their exposure and sales through social media.
Shrewsbury based graphic design firm Verve has won a Managing Change Award in the Shropshire Business Awards.
Yes, your email address is being taken in vain, but no, it's not necessarily your fault. Although it might still be. And why you shouldn't expect something for nothing.
What's happened, and what to do when your friends start phoning and complaining about "the email YOU sent them"
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