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Do you remember the last time you had an eye test?
“Treat the person, not the disease – the cause not the effect”
“Better” can mean different things when it comes to your smile, but you may look to orthodontics to help you create a smile you are more comfortable with for a number of reasons.
Oral surgery in Shrewsbury
Oral surgery in Shrewsbury
Where can you find oral surgery in Shrewsbury, and more to the point who can you trust to carry out such work?
An award-winning Shropshire Care Company has been successfully offering live in care services for one year and has seen a 150% growth in the service.
If you're struggling with stubborn verruca, contact PB Podiatry for their Swift Verruca Treatment!
Rising longevity is a big challenge facing our society, but one that can be managed with foresight and planning.
The Dental Spa offers a wide range of dentistry services in Shrewsbury.
Dentistry has undergone tremendous changes over the past few years, moving on from “needs-based” where the dentist tells you what is required to a patient driven “wants-based” service, with a particular focus on cosmetic dentistry.
The latest purpose built wellbeing centre in the county is now open and it's in Kettering.
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