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When you run a small or medium-sized business, the luxury of having in-house IT support cannot always be facilitated. But the smooth running of your IT system is imperative and ensures that you can continue to run your business 24/7.
I’m guessing that your laptop, Mac or PC is your most valuable asset when it comes to running your own business - am I right? So, what happens when your machine has a virus, displays an error message or just freezes on you mid-project?
Every mobile phone has a unique 15 digit code called an IMEI number. You can use this number to track a lost phone and you can even wipe data off a lost phone if you have this number!
6 ways to help reduce fraud
6 ways to help reduce fraud
We have put together 5 important steps to help you avoid fraud this winter. Help prevent yourself from Phone scams, Text message scams, Online fraud and email scams with our easy to follow our steps to a safer winter!
PC Health Checks, Only £50.00
PC Health Checks, Only £50.00
PC Health Checks allow us to ensure that your PC is working at it's best, whilst identifying potential faults before they happen.
Summer at the Museums, revolting demonstrations and a great night of comedy are just some of the events happening in Cambridge this weekend.
Discover the fun filled family events taking place in Cambridge this weekend.
As you may have heard in the news, Apple will no longer be providing updates for the Windows QuickTime program. This leaves Windows customers with the QuickTime software vulnerable to security risks such as hacking.
Of course you do, who doesn't. You, like most other PC users, will have been asking yourself the following question at some stage “What Anti-Virus software should I be using?”.
No plans for the weekend? Then check out the wide range of activities happening in Cambridge!
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